The Love Game

By Gloria P. Adams

One would pick the girl and the other would be the wingman. It was the game they always played to meet dates. Nat was supposed to set it up for Ace, but Nella immediately captured his interest.

Any bystander could have noticed the chemistry between her and Nat…but Ace did not, and Nat was in the peculiar position of having to play it off while his friend was with the girl of his heart. Ace would give Nat a play-by-play of what was going on as Nat held his breath, hoping Nella would never give in to his sexual advances.

While Ace pursued other women for sex, he had Nat fill in and take Nella on dates when he didn’t show up.
One night, filling in resulted in them having sex.

Ace noticed there was something about the way Nat would act when they both were around Nella. He suspected something was going on and set a trap to observe them together.

But even with everything that had happened, the boys of heartbreak and game learned there is such a thing as real love and happy endings.

Lover Versus Friend

By Gloria P. Adams

Everything began when Teeny collapsed in an elevator after lightning knocked out the power. Ever since childhood she had a fear of stormy weather, and the lights going out would make her faint. She was in the middle of moving into her apartment when it happened, but luckily her new neighbor, Matthew, was there.

Teeny’s friend, Jocelyn, knew a doctor who could help her overcome her fear. But Jocelyn never told her the doctor would be so handsome. Teeny was falling for him, and it was the first time Dr. Paul Shifton fell for a patient.

Matthew had only dated men, but there was something about Teeny that made him want her. Paul knew what was going on and started to feel threatened by their friendship.

Can Teeny stay with Paul and stay friends with Matthew?

Real Love Is Magic: A Spellbinding Romantic Comedy

By Gloria P. Adams

Can a man go from chasing tail to finding love?

Zathery Blue learned everything he knew about women from his womanizing best friend. Zat looked for love, but he only got sex, sex, and more sex. That was fine by his friend’s standards, but it left him feeling empty.

Just when he thought he found the one, he found out she was more interested in a ménage than in marriage.

No matter how many times he tried, he never had any luck finding a good woman.

After all his trying, he was about to give up…until he met a woman who was truly magical.

Real Love Is Magic is a short romantic comedy with a sweet HEA.

The Problem with Love

By G.P. Adams

Nalen Remar, Detty Riggs, and Mebe Wilson ruled the halls at Wooton High School. Everyone talked about them, but such gossip never bothered any of the girls. At least, not until Harry Holmes started a rumor that Detty was having sex with the entire football team.

After graduating and finishing college years later, they each found their way in life. But Harry had not moved on and was spreading the rumor once again.

They thought adulthood would end the silliness of their past. But old high school gossip threatened to end Detty’s relationship with her new boyfriend. Her friends were willing to team up and teach Harry a lesson, but they both ran into problems with their own relationships too.

Will each of the three women be able to solve their problem with love?

Becoming a Warrior: Young Adult Coming of Age Fiction

By Gloria P. Adams

A gangster tells Danny to rob someone, and he is afraid to turn down a man with teardrop tattoos, but fear doesn’t stop him from dating the gangster’s sister.

Danny Edir is a normal teenage boy who stays out of trouble. Things change when he meets the terror of the neighborhood, Demetrius—Mad Dog. Danny thinks the worst that can happen is getting beat up, but he underestimates the consequences. Danny’s best friend, Lonnie, does some investigating and finds out Mad Dog isn’t just a school bully…he may be a killer.

They also learn that Mad Dog has a sister and Danny asks her out even though Lonnie tells him it’s a bad idea. Mad Dog is sure to get in his way, and Danny is about to find out of there are any truths to those rumors about Demetrius…

Becoming a Warrior is a YA short fiction story

Love Outside the Law: Clean Lawyer Romance


Bran Tolson is the most sought after partner at the Glick Law Firm. He’s tall, he’s buff, and he gets everything he wants…but he let Dempi Platt, the love of his life, slip away. He has to face his mistake every day because Dempi is also a partner at the Glick Firm, and he can’t shake his feelings for her.

Bran is already married to someone else and he wouldn’t dare cheat, risking ruining his marriage and his friendship for something that might not work.

If only Bran knew that Dempi wanted him as much as he wanted her…

Furloughed from Grace


Dan Hanker has been blessed all his life. He has a good job and a loving family, but he takes it all for granted. He’s a supervisor who rules with an iron fist. The job is all he has, so he doesn’t know what to do when rumors of the company downsizing start. Dan thinks it won’t be too much of a problem losing some people from his department, but he never would have thought that he would be one of the people let go. He has to be creative to keep his wife from finding out he lost the job that gives them their life of comfort. Will his lie catch up with him?

Outlandish Invasion From Beyond: A Space Western


Nexus Barto and Sage Brutus are bandits who just finished yet another bank robbery, so the only trouble they ever expect is from the town marshal. They never anticipated aliens attacking.

After a fugitive escapes galactic prison and invades Earth with his army, our heroes must stop him. To defeat this menace, they have to find two spell scrolls—created by cosmic entities to help save the planet in times of crisis. 

No one foresaw the invaders discovering the magic first…

Hogwild for Country Gals


He turned 21 and adult life mesmerized him to the point he lost control. All the romance went out the window when he took a country vacation. The country gals had his head swimming, his parents worried, and his fiancée fed up.

The Lion and The Liar

By G.P. Adams

Benny Good was an ordinary husband who loved his family so he never would have thought that he would spend Valentine’s Day at a strip club while Pelona waited for him to come home. Who knew suburban life was this exciting?